iOS Development All About Apple Inc Technologies

TapFreaks is the finest when it coms to IOS development. With our extensive experience in developing and designing apps that are user friendly and are good for reshaping your business and bringing it to your customers' pockets.

Our dedicated and adept IOS development team has been working for years and has deployed several IOS apps that are live and doing well on the app store. We have proven our strength in IOS development and are ready to accept any challenge and to develop beautiful apps for any business solutions or personal lifestyle.

We know IOS to its very core and have developed interactive business apps to solve the needs of our clients, in order to provide a sense of satisfaction to clients we are currently working with. Our app development model keeps the quality and requirements in check at every step of the way, be it our UX designing or our QA testing. We value your satisfaction and maintain our quality standards to bring to life the apps that you dream about.

We here at TapFreaks offer a wide range of IOS apps using native as well as cross-platform techniques to shape the finest apps on the market that help to develop a sense of connection between businesses and their valued customers. We develop apps for all the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple watch so your customers can always stay close to you.

If you have a great idea for an application just contact us and make it a reality. Because “You think, We do.”

Android Development

Let us put you on the Play Store.

Android has been popular for a long time, constantly increasing the number of their devices and hence the number of apps TapFreaks has on the Play Store. Android development is one of the most dedicated areas in our skill list (you can double check this). Our team took on board Android development back in the days of FROYO and since then we have never looked back. With a good numbers of apps that are live we are proud to be able to call ourselves experts in the field.

You can come up with any sort of business problem you want to solve via Android and we assure you there won’t be a “NO” to it. We develop Android apps and we develop them good. That is why we have an ever-growing number of satisfied android clients. The ratings for our apps have been good and that is the reason behind our smiles. Timely development and quality check at each step are what make us efficient and proficient at what we do.

We don’t only take mobiles into account. We develop for Android TVs and Watches too, giving you a complete package at a single place without any hassle. We take your idea and make it a living reality. The development is scarcely our concern -we know we are the best at it- it’s the quality that we strive for.

Internet Of Things

Growing technology has always strived to reduce manual work more and more, making everyday tasks easier and less time-consuming. IoT is the next big thing in this regard. It is changing the way human-machine interactions used to take place by allowing machine-machine communication become stronger. It is being implemented in smart homes and offices around the globe allowing different smart-devices to interact and learn together. The power is transferred into the palm of the user through the device that we as a species are getting addicted to: “The Smart Phone”. This allows user to interact with his/her surrounding without actually doing it physically.

This opens up a whole new category of apps for phones and watches that can communicate with the devices. IoT can be used to improve your business productivity in many ways especially in health and production line creating a synced environment among machines to work in a more systematic manner.

TapFreaks is working on technologies like BIG-DATA and Cloud Computing to bring IoT apps to its full potential. Our IoT app will let the administrator send instructions to the remote devices to carry out a specific task. To accomplish this we have worked on technologies like BIG-DATA, Cloud Computing and sensor communications to bring to life a full-fledge functional app to meet your need.

We have dedicated developers working on different IoT frameworks like Ionic framework, MEAN Stack and other emerging technologies to create apps that give you full functionality and control over your devices.


Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality once seen only in movies is now a reality and the new world is taking this new tech not only for entertainment purpose. The VR has opened up a whole new dimension to the people-application interaction. Top businesses are taking into account and coming up with ideas on how to use the new tech for added advantage.

You might be thinking, “How can VR help my business?” Here are some key ideas that might fit your business strategy.

▪ Creating a virtual shopping Experience
▪ Virtual learning tools
▪ 360 advertisments
▪ Creating life-like models for architectural projects
▪ Virtual tours of your organization
▪ Interactive VR services.

These are just few examples of what a VR app can do for your business idea. Many of the leading firms are already using VR or planing to work on it.

We at TapFreaks are ready will all guns blazing to develop apps that work with VR sets to maximize your business potential. We are one of the early birds in the world of VR apps and that guarantees an interactive and reliable app that will allow you to paradigm shift your business and open up a whole new world of opportunities. We are here to provide an experience like never before using our VR and AR technology we build custom apps that change the way business is done.