YouTube Changes It’s Appearance

Google have been taking its Material Design everywhere and it is about time for YouTube to take advantage of that.

YouTube as of today announced it’s new look that is available for beta testing for everyone. The new design is for its desktop website and mobile web experience. You can check out the design for yourself here.

New Material YT

The fresh design takes advantage of Google’s own Material Design and the website looks clean and minimalist. This allows YouTube (as claimed) to make the web faster for future use. The speed enhancement seems to be necessary since the platform is growing everyday. Google Announced that they have used new platform Polymer that will allow the team to make quick and new updates to the site rapidly. We can expect much more additions to the platform as it moves forward.

Youtube Dark theme

One of the features that everyone looks happy about is Dark YouTube theme. People will no longer need to install third party widgets and extensions to make YouTube easy on eyes during night use. This was one of the most awaited feature and it finally made its way in new design. People will love to use it at night times or just when they want their eyes to rest a little. I, Myself will stick to the black version of site as it looks stunning.

Youtube new mobile design

The Website looks great on mobile and it does actually works better on the mobile browser compared to old designed website. We can surely believe that the Beta testing will highlight some areas to improve and the finished product will be amazing. The Mobile web looks clean and works great.

The only thing left is the app. Well rumors are that some people are actually seeing less red in the recent update to YouTube mobile app. Google, may be want to try out the new design with some users to see what they can actually do. That black view for the app will be a welcomed addition for us users. The app (to some extent) follows material design and minor tweaks can make the app snappier and great looking.

We would look forward for more changes as the beta testing continuous.

 Update: The Testing phase has been closed by YouTube for the new design for now. The Link will work when the design will be put on test again.