The next iPhone (iPhone 8) will be the tenth year anniversary phone of the series. iPhone is apples flagship product and the market leader in phone industry. The next edition to the family supposedly iPhone 8 will launch in fall this year and the company will release 7S versions in coming months (as per Apple’s rituals). Despite the iPhone 8 release date being so far away, the device is generating heat already where everyone is digging to find what the device may have and the rumors prevail.

Here we will take a closer look at the rumors that might actually be true (ditching the ones that are merely concepts) and taking a good look at the coming iPhone 8.

  • iPhone X

The rumors are spreading that the device because of being the 10th anniversary device of the series may be renamed “X” the reason behind it is the way Apple changed the name of the OS 10th version to OS X. We at TapFreaks are a little suspicious at what it might turn out to be and we believe Apple will not break the series.

  • Everybody is being PRO

We have been hearing about a lot of pro stuff lately with companies designing two different devices and re-naming the high end version as PRO. That is kind of a trend now and the Apple seem to catch up to that having said that, the iPhone 8 series might see another addition with “PRO” behind it’s name. This seem no joke as the company have mac book PROs already. The device like all the PROs will have extra features (only time will tell).

  • Another dead jack?

The new series also rumors to feature wireless charging and the rumor seem legit as the company have joined the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) this year and they might try the tech out. Does that mean the charging jack will also turn into a history? We at this point don’t think so but hey! It’s Apple.

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  • Home Button, No more!

So this is one of the most circulating rumors and many of the Blogs are already dancing around it. The new flagship might drop its old-school home button and go all screen on front. Debates are still going on over the finger print sensor that use to lie beneath the button but the rumors suggest the sensor might go at the back or under the screen itself. But we are unsure whether the giant will make such a big change in its design.

  • More for less

Beside the home button some of the rumors are suggesting that the phone is going completely button less and the company might feature capacitive touch based buttons around the metal frame giving iPhone more water resistant capabilities and making it sleeker compared to previous versions.

Some of the other leaks include improved battery life, more memory storage, larger screen and OLED inclusion. Rumors as said are rumors and the truth will be unveiled at the launch of the phone in fall this year. The Pro is also rumored to be the most expensive iPhone ever (with cost of 1000$ rumored). We shall first see what the 7S and 7S plus have for us in a month or two.