Samsung Have Defused The Bomb-NOTE 7 returns

The South-Korean giant just saw a record breaking pre-orders and it is starting to ship the early Samsung Galaxy S8s to their owners. What about the NOTE 7?

Samsung had a hard time in the last year end-quarter as the company had to take back their exploding Note 7. Even after potential fix the problem seemed to hold its place and the company had to re-call and abandon the product as a whole.  Samsung took their testing really seriously and bounced back great. The S8 looked on point and about time. Meanwhile the Environmental NGOs were pulling Samsung’s attention to disposal of Note 7s. Their cries have been heard.

video source: JerryRigEverything

Samsung’s Note 7 is said to be making a come back in the mid summer (probably June). SamMobile have said that they are doing it to reduce environment damage. The device will how ever have its battery reduced some amount as that was the case. Samsung was just simply unable to pack a good amount of juice in the hot phone (pun intended). This ultimately saw the Galaxy S8 to have smaller battery that every one seems to complain about.

The refurbished device is rumored to pack a 3200 mAh battery compared to 3500 mAh in original devices. The Phone will also see a 250$ price cut and will be soled only in South Korea. Some People (including me) liked the power and performance of the device and will be willing to have one. The question is: “Is the device good enough to compromise that amount of juice?”. The answers will obviously vary from person to person. In my case having that 250$ cut for a phone that  I fell in love is a good buy.

The specs are not official but rumored. The Note 7 will make its way into the markets and only then we would see if the device is as good as it was. Or is the bomb still ticking?

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