Facebook TV


Facebook, the social media giant is recently been focusing on its video content and want people to get more video content on the platform. There have been significant steps towards it that includes direct play of videos and more options for videos. Facebook is now talking it really seriously as the social network is developing an app(Facebook TV) for set-top boxes and smart-TVs.

The idea is to allow people watch video only content from the people they are friend with or the groups they follow on their home TV screens. It allow Facebookers to watch videos directly on a larger screen and in High Definition. Facebook will not only show videos of your contacts and liked pages but also show it’s featured videos. That would also include ads, allowing FB to earn more through video ads as they cost much.

To make the service more interesting FB is also working on making their original content for the viewers and feature them through their FB-TV app. This put FB in direct competition with video giants and streaming sites like Youtube and Netflix. With over a billion user base FB have all the potential to do so.

Facebook have been working on video business from quit a bit of time as their apps (both Facebook and FB lite) have auto playing videos capabilities.FB-logo The latest update of Facebook (main app) reveals that the auto-playing videos will now have auto-volume, based on the volume of your device at that moment, and play video along with audio right away. This is a bit of set back as many people would not like the audio played like that specially at places like office.

The main target here is to get more into the video advertisement business. FB can actually get that to happen if they will be successful in bringing good original content to the app. How will the users respond to this new


addition will determine the projects success. However watching FB videos in my living room with family around is bit of a lay-off for me as Facebook do bring weird stuff in news-feeds at times but we still don’t know how Facebook-TV will go around this issue. Stating something before the launch will be a bit too much.