Lite Apps – Should you have one?

Lite Apps are doing pretty great. Even better than the original heavy apps in some cases. Should you have one for your app too?

Lite Apps seems to be the new trend since the pastyear and big
app giants like Facebook and Line have their lite apps for a long time now. Facebook recently after reaching one Million users on the lite version launched a “Messenger lite” as well. The app was immediate success and many soon followed the trend. Twitter, as of today released their own lite web-app on the stores (Apple & Android). So what exactly are these apps and are they up to any good?

A Lite Application is a strip down version of an app that gives basic functionality of the app/service without eating onto much of data and memory space. A Lite version of an app can be less than an MB and can work on 2G and low network areas. The apps are mainly developed to target the emerging markets like south and east Asia where cellular connectivity is not much powerful. If we analyse the facts and stats of top lite apps. We can clearly see that the apps are doing better that their heavy counter-parts. The apps (demographically) are mostly used in emerging markets. These markets are new and are considered as hot cake for the new services.

The FB lite and Messenger lite are already rated more than the heavy apps.  Cheetah Mobile’s CM cleaner lite is also being praised and used effectively (even I have that on my cell right now). Lite apps are also good for people that do not like bulky extra features and want more cleaner environment. I, myself like simple apps that runs smooth and gets the job done. I have much of the lite apps (FB, Messenger, CM cleaner) installed on my go-to smartphone. We wouldn’t even mind a Whatsapp lite just for the sake of No-more-stories.

So Should you have one for your app?

Building a lite version of the app is just like building a new application. The Data is needed to be collected and then the app is required to be build from the ground up. If you have an application that is doing pretty good already and you see the usage statistics of your apps from emerging market place you should defiantly go for a Lite-er app. A Lite app will allow you to get deeper into the market and get the most out of the app. Specially if you are looking to monetize your app.

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