Kotlin A New Language For Android

Google’s I/O ’17 was held yesterday and there were a lot of announcements made including the news about Kotlin being the new language android can understand.

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Kotlin is a language developed by JetBrains and the language is similar to java in many ways. It is object oriented and it also runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Many of the java developers use Kotlin for many reasons. The helping hand from Google will give a huge boost to the new language. Android how-ever doesn’t work on JVM but java has been the native language of Android for over a decade.

The tools for Kotlin will be available from Android Studio 3.0 andkotlin logo the two partners JetBrain and Google will keep nurturing the language. It will be easier for developers to adopt the language.  Since, It uses the same structure as Java and is typed statically. The basic advantage over java is a cleaner code and improvement over the bulkiness of Java.

Unlike the Swift which was an in-house project of Apple. Google didn’t took part in developing the language and rather adopts the language developed by JetBrains. Google said it will not change or make any sort of update to the language. The language will remain with JetBrains and they will only partner with them to let the language be used by Android Programmers.

JetBrain being independent even after the partnership will continue to target other platforms as well. Kotlin is developed to run as a Native language in iOS and Macs and is also works with JavaScript for web development.

The plan from google is looking to make coding easier and cleaner for android. Since Google took the development part in hand as well with Android Studio. The new OS Android O looks to utilize kotlin to develop apps and bring more apps with less power. The call looks good since java is considered less helpful than swift and other languages.

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