iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Should you spend $999?

Tomorrow (12/9/2017) saw the latest and greatest iPhone X the anniversary edition for Apple’s iPhone line up. There were also iPhone 8 and 8 plus announced alongside it.

The latest iPhone X is one of the most beautiful looking phones in 2017 and we can not argue that the Bazzel less era is just around the corner. One may say the two devices are miles apart in many cases but there are only few features that we believe should have made it’s way to the iPhone 8 as well. Lets do a complete round up on what is similar and what is not ans see whether $999 tag is justifiable.


The Differences (iPhone X vs 8 Plus)

1 Display

The Major difference between the two devices is the screen with 82.9% screen to body ratio of iPhone X compared to 67.4% of the iPhone 8 Plus you can in a glance feel the difference between the two. The solid cut-out for camera’s and speakers on the X is unique if not beautiful. The latest iPhone also features OLED panel and iPhone 8 sticks with the IPS LCD.

2 Home Button

The physical home button might just live in history in next generation iPhone and the iPhone X gives indication to just that. It works by gestures in new iOS 11 and things might need some getting used to. However the iPhone 8 still have the home button right where the iPhone 7 left it.

3 Touch ID

A11 chip

The latest iPhone (i.e. the X) said good bye to the home button and the touch ID goes along with it. However the iPhone 8 Still have the same touch ID feature and we are not really sure why Apple decided to let go of the Touch ID on their latest Flagship.


4 Front Camera

This is where things starts getting crazy different. The front facing camera technology is totally different on the two devices. The new iPhone X have all new sensors and depth sensing camera that allow scanning faces in 3D for FaceID and also enable some cool features like Portrait mode selfies and Animoji.


The Similarities

Despite the above list there are few similarities between the two. The iPhone


X  and iPhone 8 both have a 12 MP dual set-up at the back with same telephoto lens and Apple’s Portrait mode. Both of the devices are Powered by the same A11 Bionic chip set which is a Machine Learning Hexa-core processor from Apple.

Apart from the processor both of the devices are boasting the same 3 GB RAM and same battery specs. The two phones also have the same glass back and same wireless charging capabilities. This shows that the two devices might look different from above but they are pretty similar underneath.

We believe that iPhone X is the indication towards the future of Apple Devices and we believe that it is the right way to go.