FUCHSIA OS – Everything You Need To Know

Google’s another take on mobile operating system is here. Fuchsia OS have been a Google’s Project since August 2016 (At least when it became public). Google posted a mysterious code on GitHub to reveal Fuchsia.

The hype hasn’t been that hot since then but now just before Google’s I/O the Fuchsia logoFuchsia OS got herself a UI. The new look reveals that the OS is lite and most likely card base (like Google Now). As far as we know up-till now Fuchsia is not based on Linux kernel like Google’s Android and Chrome OS. The new OS is said to be build on a new micro kernel called MAGENTA. It is a RTOS (Real Time Operating System) which means that it will have apps that runs on real time serving data as it comes without delays. RTOS apps will work like cloud based apps (as we know now).

Magenta itself is based on LK (Little Kernel) that provides with all necessary basic functionality for any device. As for today we know that the new release of Fuchsia OS showed the UI named Armadillo. The Basic screen features a profile of the user which have a profile pic , name and a battery icon in the bottom. Tapping on the profile opens a quick setting screen with options like volume slider, brightness indicator, flight mode toggle and other tiny features.


A single swipe from the bottom will open up a Google Now type of interface.Fuchsia OS screen 1 This have cards listed as interests and we can assume what they might hold. Above the cards we have quick search with a tiny Google logo beside it. Taping on the search will open up a flat looking minimalist keyboard that on first give you the feel of Gboard but have nothing like that.

Swiping up from the profile brings a lot of card like place holders with tiny names (place holders) like e-mail, messaging and basic apps. We assume that these are the apps that will be displayed like this. Taping on each card opens it up in full-screen and the good thing is that we have a glimpse of multi tasking. Dragging one card over other will let you make windows like structure in the card with both apps side by side.  How-ever we still do not know what changes will Google make.


As for now, The UI looks simple and beautiful and feels really light to use. However we are talking about a simple working demo without any data thrown at it.

Android Killer?

Google haven’t commented largely about Fuchsia OS being and Android killer. The two OSs look very far from each other. Fuchsia seems to dump all of the key component of android. That means NO Linux and NO Java. Google is planning to bring everything home. Using Google Craze for Material design on a Google developed language (Dart Language) on a Google Developed Kernel is something really big.

Google might have asked itself what would Android look like if we started from scratch in 2016? Seems like Fuchsia OS is the answer to this. It uses all the innovation that Google have made by far and looks everything what google is aiming for.

We are still very far from the actual thing but we know Magenta targets modern phones with capabilities for future target and it can even work for computers. So anything is Possible in the world of Google.

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