Industries That Are Ready To Embrace VR


VR has been the hot topic for developers and tech savvy users for the year 2016. In 2017 the topic will likely get more hype as companies start embracing the tech. What are some industries that will capitalize the tech is our topic today.

The thing with the VR is that it is growing slowly but gradually. The growth is not due to lack of technology or trouble making it. The Growth is steady and the tech is appealing that catches the eyes of industries.


The retail section of the industry is ready for VR to make an impact for them. Taking Online shopping experience to new level allowing virtual mall environment from home, and customizing your room with online furniture is what retailers want. Virtual Reality promises some of the best retail solutions. It will revolutionize the way online shopping is done.


Advertisers and marketing firms never leave an emerging technology without having a taste of their ads. companies like Mountain Dew have already tried and tested successful campaigns on VR. Surely the marketing firms are ready to grab the tech and try new ways  to advertise.

VR funny

Hollywood Films

Film Industry will never leave behind whether it is the 3D technology or the hot new VR. What is the point of visual technology if it can not make movie experience better? huh! There are few films like King Kong 360-3D that will make the classic look great. More  movies will join the revolution soon.


VR Sports

Sports industry will most likely to adopt the VR sooner than the rest as it have potential to upgrade skill level of players. Providing real life scenarios and results before getting in real action can help sportsperson to improve their skills. Virtual Reality developers will likely to develop more sport simulators for the sets.

Other possible industries that are likely to embrace the technology are Health and care industries, Architects, Design industry, entertainment, news and tourism. With number of apps rolling out that support VR and are doing great. The companies will surely want their own apps developed to make people get closer to the industry.

All things considered the technology looks promising and finally We can surely say that we will see the technology getting mainstream by the end of the year.