Amazon Anytime – Another Messaging app?

Amazon Anytime

Amazon seem to enter the highly populated messaging app market with its own app called Amazon Anytime. We are living in a world full of messaging apps. From Google’s Allo to Facebook‘s Messenger and anything in between there are tons of options for chatting calling or even Video calling.

Amazon is reportedly asking users what they would want to have in a messaging app. This seems like Amazon is looking to bring all user centered messaging app that is too good to be true. Amazon Anytime is not limiting the app to mobile only it is also aiming for PCs and smart watches.

Amazon Anytime is also looking to be all in one app for users. From text messaging to video calling all the means of communication are said to work right from a single app. Amazon is also looking forward to hit FB’s Messenger’s latest gaming feature too. Luckily it wont have stories or messenger day (winks).


Amazon Anytime is still a dark horse as we do not know much about the app but some leaked survey images that shows that the app have all the potential as it merges all the greatness of messaging apps in one complete bundle. Security, Image filters, In app purchases, Payments and sharing are some of the features mentioned in the survey.

survey amazon

Amazon has already entered the chat market with its business calling solution called Chime a business oriented video conferencing app like Skype for business. Amazon has also been rolling out calling feature directly from it’s echo devices.

As for the original Amazon shopping business is concerned we can believe that the app will have support to make purchases. It might also have suggestions for friends in-app and might even have some Alexa capabilities. Amazon is slightly late to the party but the features look promising. Amazon Anytime has all the juice needed and with the giant company behind it we are betting it call pull it off.

We are looking forward for some official news from Amazon. We would surely like to have an app that is truly user focused. At least as it seems.