Blue Whale “Suicide Game” – What You Need To Know

Blue whale suicide game

The game that caused deaths of 130+ children in Russia is spreading towards UK and the Police is already warning parents. Blue Whale is a game that assign tasks to children that ranges from self harm to suicide attempt.

Social media and Internet have spread wide across the globe and today’s young generation is attracted towards it. Social Media companies have used games to keep people engaged with the platform but at times things can go wrong on so many levels. Such is the case for Blue Whale an internet game that creates a connection between the gamer and the admin. Admin assigns daily task for the gamer that starts of easy and as the day progress it can turn into violent acts.

The name Blue Whale is given due to the phenomena of real Blue Whales that often come to the shores and dies there considered as suicide by some people.

How Dangerous is It?

Blue whale started from Russia with the name Синий кит, Siniy kit Caused the death of 130+ Children and many unsuccessful suicide attempts. These suicides were recorded between November 2015 to April 2016. Police On investigation found that these children were living in good families with no major problems. On further investigation it was found they were all members of same social media group.

Two schoolgirls Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16, Jumped off a 14 story building for completing the task. Yulia posted a picture of Blue Whale on her social media with the caption “END”.

Most of the affected children are between age 13 to 18. A 15 year old was saved by her family while she was attempting to kill herself. She later admitted that she signed up for the game on the internet.

The Game have shown effects in Argentina, Brasil, Saudia Arabia, Kenya, Russia, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Serbia and many other countries.

What To Do?

Since the news of the virus entering UK the police department have been active in spreading awareness and warning parents about the possible outcomes. China is also strengthening its surveillance against the game. Parents are called out to keep an eye on any suspicious activity.

While authorities are at it. It’s parent’s duty to keep a close watch at the situation and to talk to their children about it. Children are also advised and should be taught in schools to express any such activity to the parents immediately.

One must keep in mind that Blue whale is more like a cult promoting self harm and the cult can be found with different names. Some social media platforms are already looking at the issue and Instagram is one of the first we notices.  Searching for Blue Whale on the social platform pops up a warning and a link for support.

We must stay safe and keep our loved once safe as well by spreading the word.