Amazon’s Underground Program Comes To An End

No more free apps with complete in app features and no more free candies from Amazon. Amazon’s Underground is coming to an end.

Amazon’s underground- the Actually free store program will shutdown. The biggest retail giant had it’s very own AppStore for android and it’s Kindle users to download and use the apps for free. This FREE included the paid app and all its in app purchases for the users. The app itself needed to be downloaded via a link rather then from google play had lots of free goodies for the users.

The best part about Amazon’s Underground was that it was totally legal to use. Amazon paid royalties to the developers on per minuet use policy. The program will shutdown but the apps already on the devices can have support till 2019. The developers will no longer be able to submit their apps on the store after May 31st.

However you can still download the app till the end of the summer. As Amazon have confirmed to end the store working by the end of summer. The store offered some of the great apps such as Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Monument Valley, or Office Suite Pro 8 for android.

We would recommend to grab as many apps as you can (if your device supports it) and enjoy till 2019.