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Souk-Alhilal Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Souk-Alhilal Inc.

Project Name: Souk-Alhilal

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Java, Database Server

Core Objectivies

برنامج سوق الحلال هو برنامج لبيع وشراء وعرض الحلال بشتى أنواعها مجاناً : (الابل-الغنم-الخيل-الطيور-مستلزمات الحلال-معدات ثقيله-حيوانات-كبرات-وكل مايخص الحلال والماشيه )على مستوى دول الخليج لعربي

Souk-Alhilal Background Before Start Souk-Alhilal App

At Fist Meeting

After the successful completion of Nawaam shop the owner was very happy and brought up another Idea of yet another shopping app but this time it was a bit different. He wanted an app that would allow users to buy and sell their camels, horses and different pets. The app was going to be one of its kind specially in the gulf region. He was totally satisfied by the work of Nawaam shop so he gave us green signal straight away. He wanted an android app for the time being and we agreed upon it.


At first we thought we are working on some thing similar and the app would be something like the Nawaam shop. But the story was a bit different, we begun designing and understanding the structure of the application. Categories were created with different animals and everything needed to be synced to the database. A selling page was design where images and details of a particular animal was shown. Souk-ul-halal was going to be a new way people from middle-east was going to buy and sell animals and we were trying hard to make it as simple as possible. The app required to be bi-lingual (English & Arabic) for the people of the region..


The App started taking shape from the simple concept like Nawaam shop and took turns as we progressed further. The categories were divided according to animals and list had options to arrange in terms of prices and location. To ensure correct functioning of the app a strong database was required and that was created MySQL server. Java allowed the native app that works great and save space. Some APIs were added to provide smooth and extra functionality to the app. Apps like these usually fails as the users do not entrust anyone with their cell number. TapFreaks can not let that happen as we want to maximize the ROI of our clients and work on providing business solutions rather than providing an app. So we worked a bit extra to add chat option right in the app to allow buyer and seller to chat immediately and without any exchange of information. This added the success and USP our app needed.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“Souk AlHilal was our second project with TapFreaks, their hard work made us go for another app. TapFreaks did exceptionally well and the app is being appreciated widely by the user base! Thanks TapFreaks.”

Project Gallery Souk-Alhilal

Conclusion Result at the end

The app is live on Google play and have received good reviews from users. The client was once again satisfied with the app we have created and the bond was even stronger. We have worked on many successful products with the client and have built a strong business relationship with him. Souk-ul-halal is up and running with ever growing number of downloads on Google play.