Soro  App

Soro Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Soro Inc.

Project Name: Soro

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, X-Code, Database Server

Core Objectivies

SORO, redefining the way we communicate! An app of its kind that allow more then simple calls, group video calls bring whole new way families and friends are connecting. Come SORO with us!

Soro Background Before Start Soro App

At Fist Meeting

When Miss Lola Ishola come up with the idea of a social app that brings more than just communication to the users. We got excited! The Idea was BIG and so did the challenges it brought. The sense was to pick it up from grass root and turn it into a full fledge system. The main feature is it’s unique group calling that allow multiple users to not only hear voices but to actually share their emotions via live video calls. The videos were not limited to use of your camera it allowed screen mirroring to provide a whole new life to the app. We took the whole idea and started sketching the perfect Brand experience, our team had multiple meetings and lots of ideas to finally come up with the Logo that defines the capabilities and simplicity of the app


The UI need to be a beautiful and eye-catching with simple features that allow users to easily navigate through the app without ever getting bored. It was going to be an app for daily use and we wanted to be really addictive. SORO, is more than just a usual communication app that features one or two features. It is a system that bring it all together, the idea is to keep only one app for all your communications and not worry about having different accounts on different apps and remembering every password separately. It’s going to be your on the go app. Actually your only app! The major challenges SORO had was the real time environment for the app to handle multiple group calls without any Database in between. Remaining in the native environment we had to bail ourself out of this problem. The team decided to turn the tables and adopt something new. We were going to hit a really big market and we wanted to stand out! The screen sharing feature was something not even available on leading video chat apps and on some are very laggy. TapFreaks took it as a healthy challenge to capture and send live screen streaming among devices without much delay and lag. We knew it was a big deal and it Thrilled us..


The first thing was to come up with a beautiful and eye-catching Ux with simple features that allow users to easily navigate through the app without ever getting bored. We spent good amount of time on the look and feel of the app keeping the demand of simplicity from the app owner in vision. Creatively crafted design and icon set allowed us to meet the potential need of today’s app world. The color combination and transactions were hand picked and tested multiple times for maximum usability. TapFreaks took up concurrent programming idea to provide real time, hassle free and seamless communication. We decided to work on Erlang the language build for concurrency from the bottom. We studied and found the potential it can offer to SORO. The major problem was to built a native app that uses real time communication techniques, so we used Swift with Erlang to bring a unique coding fusion that gives full functionality of a native app with all the key features of real time communication. And the results are amazing! We didn’t stop there! Miss Lola wanted more and we were ready for it. We decided the screen sharing option to add that extra edge to the app and make it a complete package, the app now had potential to provide e-learning and sharing simple mobile tasks on live screens. Using Erlang we created a robust environment for screen sharing that makes screen sharing easy and lag free. TapFreaks worked one entity at a time to keep Quality and functionality of the app checked at each step. Keeping minor details in mind we developed the app with all the features and operations that was given to us. Every screen of the app was given special attention and we did not compromise on quality even when the time was running out.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“With Idea so big, I was looking for an experienced team with great people. My friend -who got her business app made by TapFreaks- asked me to try out the company. I simply can’t thank her enough! TapFreaks made SORO just the way I dreamed.”

Project Gallery Soro

Conclusion Result at the end

The SORO is one of the best app that we have developed and we are really proud of it. It helped us to test our limits and go against the odds to try new technologies and come up with new ideas. SORO is an app that we see growing in the near future and the interaction with the client is the key highlight in this regard. We will keep SORO growing by adding new features and ease of use for users. We aim to make SORO the new way people go around chatting.