Q8 Promo  App

Q8 Promo Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Q8 Promo Inc.

Project Name: Q8 Promo

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C,Database Server(Mysql)

Core Objectivies

This application will boost your business and help peoples to get updates against subscribed company regarding his sales promotions his latest news as well as latest packages. User can scan QRCODE and get his required company updates. Company can be searched through category or direct search. This application will help peoples to keep update with his related companies while company can update his content on regular basis so application will be a bridge in between user and company

Q8 Promo Background Before Start Q8 Promo App

At Fist Meeting

Q8 vision group is one of the leading web design companies that help businesses achieve more. After getting to know about TapFreaks and their work Q8 group approached us and discussed their idea. They had multiple plans for apps but to start off they wanted Q8 promo, an app to help businesses connect with their consumers and utilize the app as a source of advertisement within gulf. Q8 group was excited for the app, as they knew it had a lot of potential and so did we.


The app was going to be one place for all the business, local & international, to connect with their consumers. A big database was to be setup for the app to have all the known companies that a user would subscribe to. Research work had to be done and companies had to be listed for users to easily find them. The Q8 team wanted to allow users to scan QR-codes for any company and get its detail right from the app. The app also had parts for companies where they could list their offers and provide a complete look into the company. A person had to be notified whenever his/her company put up a new offer. The app had to be built on both the leading mobile OS’s (Android & IOS) to maximize the reach of the companies.


TapFreaks got going with the research work and started building the database for the companies to be listed in early stages. Q8 group also helped us in doing this. In the same timeframe we started sketching out the look of the app and our designers did a good job to make a corporate looking app that had features well aligned. We were happy to go forward with this. The database was getting in shape and we started connecting it with the app. We were still working on the QR reading code. We decided to develop our own algorithm to read the QR and that took a good amount of time. Using the camera of the phone we were able to scan the code and get the company that was linked to it. The app was developed on native environments for both the Operating Systems. Swift and objective-c were used for the Apple app while java powered the Android one. The result was good and companies welcomed the idea. A large number of companies started enrolling and providing offers over the app that allowed the app to grow. Q8 Group was very pleased with the quality of the app.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“Q8 Group is like brothers to TapFreaks we always recommend TapFreaks to everyone because we know how well they work and how excellent they are at what they do. We have multiple apps made by them and they never fail to impress.”

Project Gallery Q8 Promo

Conclusion Result at the end

Q8-Group and TapFreaks have been together for a long time and have deployed multiple apps on both Android and IOS stores. Q8-promo is one of the apps that is still doing well on the store and data is updated on a regular basis. Another successful app on the store boosted our confidence as well as our relationship with the clientele. Q8 and TapFreaks are proud to be together and are looking forward to develop more in the future. Q8-promo is another example of Tapfreaks’ quality and determination to save the time and resources of our clients. We have released multiple updates of the app too on the stores with features to help business grow and connect easily.