PaxCampus  App

PaxCampus Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: PaxCampus Inc.

Project Name: PaxCampus

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, Database Server(Mysql)

Core Objectivies

App allow patients to schedules their activities, explore programs and locations.

PaxCampus Background Before Start PaxCampus App

At Fist Meeting

PAX CAMPUS is a community that helps cure addictions like drug and alcohol addictions. When the US based company found out about the expertise and work of TapFreaks they decided to make us their app developers and we were really happy to be a part of such a noble community. The ideas that were put on the table was to allow patients and their caretakers to stay connected through the app. It would allow recovery patients to look for services, offers, tasks and medication timings while letting the caretaker know about the activities of his/her patients in the simplest manner. To ensure every patient and caretaker were connected the app had to be on both smart-phone OS’s i.e. Android and IOS


We started analyzing and studying the services and current running system of PAX CAMPUS and their database. After close study we came to the number of challenges we had to tackle because we at TapFreaks study the project completely to make sure that we address the problems at an early stage rather then delaying the project. The main issue we pointed out was connecting with the current DBMS without making the app slow. Designing the app with visual aids to enhance usability also had to be taken into consideration . Developing the app on two different platforms meant working on two different development environments but we had to make sure the app looked exactly the same on both. The app not only had to make a connection but also help patients make appointments and discover locations to go near their residence.


The problems we pointed out immediately mobilised our team to work towards their solutions. This approach has always helped TapFreaks to counter-attack the problems from the very beginning and save time by saving iterations. Our first approach was to make a hybrid app using middle technologies like HTML and JS to make it work on both the platforms by single application. The features and look of the app in its early stage brought us back to our core skills and powerful language. We deduced that we can build two apps at once to produce better results rather than using a Hybrid approach and get a less powerful app. We started coding Swift and Java at once to make sure both Android and IOS teams are in sync to bring out the apps that look like twin sisters. Making a connection to PAX CAMPUS’s prebuilt data was a bit tricky but using advanced web APIs and creating connection and understanding their system we were able to create the perfect solution and implement the system not only allowing new data but allowing caretakers to view the previous data of their patients. The app featured important numbers, schedule, house rules and all the features that brought PAX CAMPUS right into the patient’s pocket to help them recover faster. The final result was satisfying and was appreciated by the patients.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“When the management decided to have an app for the patients we were searching for the right company to understand our needs and the needs of patients. TapFreaks developed the perfect app; Patients love the app and it is really helpful for the management as well.”

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Conclusion Result at the end

PAX CAMPUS caught our special attention due to its social impact. We ensured the best of our services to make sure the patients benefit from our app and recover quickly. The experience was great and now the app has changed lots of lives. We are gratified to be part of such change. We found PAX CAMPUS’s vision to be of moral value, allowing us to fulfil some of our social responsibility along with our professional duty as well. PAX CAMPUS and TapFreaks are happy to join hands to make change possible.