PAID Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: PAID Inc.

Project Name: PAID

Category: Web Development

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: PHP, HTML5, Database Server (Mysql), CSS 3

Core Objectivies

Paid is a web based payment solution, you can pay rents, school and college fee, telco bills and much more using paid.

PAID Background Before Start PAID App

At Fist Meeting

The Idea behind PAID was simple yet unique. It was aimed to solve payment problems and to allow a smooth cash flow for the vendors, giving updates on billing and maintaining proper records for the vendors as well as the customer. It was meant to make the ends meet between the payee and and the vendor. User Friendliness was the first and most highlighted feature as it can easily be used by everyone without any hassle. The main target were real-estate and educational institutes..


The PAID was just not an app it was a complete system of payments that have to wok on all three platforms i.e. Android, IOS and Web. Understanding and analysing the expertise we posses to give all the three apps for our making. We at TapFreaks wanted features that only native approach can provide and we opted just for that despite of the need for Hybrid app. Another issue was to keep all the apps synced with the database so that a person can view his/her payment history on all the devices he/she uses. It increased the amount of work to be done in such a small span of time but Quality was the only thing bothering us. It was challenging to come up with a UX that had to be simple yet user friendly. Several Ideas were presented and many of the throw away prototypes were designed by our team to find the one perfect solution. The security of payments being made was a big issue as to build the trust with the users we had to make sure the payments were as secured as possible without compromising on the quickness of the transaction. in other case whole idea would have been let down.


The heads meet for couple of times and TapFreaks came up with the simplest design on offer but with the spark of creativity suitable for all types of users. We kept it simple and demanding with GUI and more color orientation which allowed us to make it perfect for easy use. We created use cases and application life-cycle to closely look at every step. Learning the app now is as easy as ABC. The native programming approach meant we had to make two apps in parallel and that too with the same features and response. Our development team sketched the idea and UML for the app and begun with the development of web and mobile app in parallel. The main web used latest development tools like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL to provide a good looking and easy to use responsive web design. It also features arabic as second language as the service meant to work in Kuwait. For the mobile apps we stuck to Swift and Java to make apps that do not look much different then using the service on the web. The Blacklist feature provided Universities and Real-estate vendors to notify and blacklist a certain payee for his/her dues. Letting the app notify the payee in realtime and allowing them to clear their debts in a single click (even for multiple vendors). At the back hand we decided to use MySQL for the data as it is easily maintained and updated via all the three platforms generating queries are easy and less time consuming allowing easy and quick response of the application. The hard work was immense but the it PAID off. All of this was packed in a small little package of 16.1 MB on IOS and tiny bundle of 2.1 MB on Android Play.aa

What Client Says Client Feedback

“Our online payment solution was a huge project and we are really happy that we had a chance to meet TapFreaks for the app and web portal. Their work speaks for it self and I am really glad to have them backing my Idea and making it a reality.”

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Conclusion Result at the end

PAID is another great service that meet our objective of making apps that solve problems of the users. Being live for about 2 years now PAID is a mature app that has been helping people in Kuwait pay their rent, fee & bills with simple taps. We are happy that PAID is doing great and we are receiving positive feedbacks from users on both IOS and Android. The app is getting more and more downloads on the stores and the service is expanding day by day, making us jovial as the developer of this unique app.