Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب) App

Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب) Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب) Inc.

Project Name: Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب)

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, Database Server(Mysql)

Core Objectivies

Nawaam Shop is a Arabian related goods entirely ladies type of stuff like want to purchase and advertising Clothes, Fashion, Shoes, Jeweler, Party Dress, Wedding Dress, shops, perfume stores, saloons, gold etc… It is one place to put on the market and pay money for everything under one covering.
متجر نواعم لعرض جميع السلع العربية ذات الصلة بالسيدات الراغبات في شراء الملابس ، والأزياء والأحذية ، والمجواهرت، فساتين الزفاف والسهرة والمحلات التجارية ومحلات العطور ، والصالونات وغيرها ….. كل هذا تحت سقف واحد للتسوق

Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب) Background Before Start Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب) App

At Fist Meeting

Nawaam Shop was among the earlier apps that were developed by TapFreaks. When the owner of the app approached us and told us about the service he needed to offer we were happy. We gave him a warm welcome on the idea and suggested the layout of the app to make sure the business that he was trying to set up wouldn’t fall short on any condition. The Idea was to create an app that would allow users (girls/women) to view and bid on items and then chat to get them. It was meant for girls to buy shoes, bags, jewelry, dresses and everything they want.


Nawaam shop was a big project hence we wanted everything to be neat and perfect. We were required to take it from rock bottom and build the full system. The development was meant to be for both IOS and Android to cover up 99% of mobile phone market and maximize the potential of the idea. The app needed to be working on both the environments but with no lag on functionality. As being a product so big we added some extra functionality to allow maximum satisfaction to the users.


TapFreaks started sketching the design of the app keeping the users in mind. We decided the color and looks of the app. The categories were created and the user login was also designed. The users were able to view products and bid on that. The sellers or the companies could offer products, discounts and view bids to get the best offer. This meant we had to develop two different logins within the system and that too on two different environments. Despite the fact that the app was required to work on both the OS’s we declined the idea of a hybrid app, as we could not compromise on the quality on such a big app. We developed the app in the native environments for both the IOS and Android. Swift, Objective-c was used to its potential for IOS and Java was fully capitalized for Android. The result is an app that is good to look at and great to use.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“Nawaam Shop’s design was my favourite. I really liked the way TapFreaks started from scratch and designed such a smooth working beautiful app. It is one of the famous shopping app here in gulf and couldn’t have been possible without TapFreaks.”

Project Gallery Nawaam Shop (نواعم شوب)

Conclusion Result at the end

The app is live on Google play and App Store. The app has received good reviews from users. The client was happy with the app we have created and the bond that resulted in many other apps we have built together for Nawaam shop. We have worked on many successful products with the client and have built a strong business relationship with them. Nawaam shop is up and running with an ever-growing number of downloads on Google play & App Store.