LaundrEZ App

LaundrEZ Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Smart Launder Inc.

Project Name: Launder Express

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Core Objectivies

LaundrEZ aims to save the weekend of their users by saving them from mind-tiring & time wasting laundry business. We pick your dirty laundry from your door and get it clean, so you can enjoy your days without worrying about the dirt. LaundrEz the easiest way to get clean!

LaundrEZ Background Before Start Launder App

At Fist Meeting

Tyyub And Usman, Two young entrepreneurs who had an amazing idea for a laundry service from the ease of one’s home. They decided to make it a reality. TapFreaks’ portfolio and experience led them to us and we called them for a meeting. Hearing their idea and requirements we closely studied what other similar services had to offer and then came up with USP of LaundrEZ. The idea was to make is easy to use, allow more people to engage with the service and generate good revenue for our valuable client. The two entrepreneurs were pleased to meet our development and technical team and gave us the green light for the next step. At the next meet we presented the design concept designed by our designer that only excited the two even more.


When we talk about technology we keep two things in mind: first it should be economical in the long run and second we should not compromise on performance and this combination allows us to produce something which we can call “The Great Product”. Keeping all of this in mind we had to design an application in two different environments and that too while remaining in the native programming circle to maximize the potential and usability of a mobile app. The tagline “The easiest way to stay clean” was what we had to keep in check. We had to make sure the app in no way seemed slow or cut short on performance measure. Another problem was to define the payment methods and to create the web of the service as well. The equation was complicated. Three different platforms and the app was to be ready and go live in the short span of three months as our client wanted to get the app live before the start of the holiday season. All that was to be done on the quality standards that brought them to us in the first place
The second challenge arrived after the successful completion of the app when our client demanded for some extra features like real time navigation of the drivers and that too on the maps. We really thought this was a great idea and will give extra points to the client in the market, so we went with the idea.


The call was that we had to develop on all three platforms at the same time and in a synced manner. We took only a day to decide the technologies and design pattern for the app and started developing on every platform at the same time to make sure our deployment was timely. We chose PHP and web plugins to work on the website to make it work great and look good. The Swift allowed us to create the quality of application we were looking for. Our development team took this task and did hardcore coding for days to keep in check with the clock. In parallel a dedicated team was working on java (native Android language) to develop app exactly the same as the one on IOS so the user may not feel difficulty of use on any device. Every line of code was carefully examined and the app was tested at each step because we couldn’t allow extra time for QA and re-development cycle. So we kept testing hand in hand with the development. In about a month the web was up and running with all the features and the apps were getting in shape. We turned our heads towards Amazon web services to make the web and apps respond to the tasks in similar fashion and without any latency. The payments needed to be secure and quick. Another problem was our need for an API that would promise the same performance on all three platforms. Stripes solved this issue and solved it well. It allowed payments via different methods and that too with minimal lines of code. With our determination and expertise we were able to complete the project in just two months and successfully deployed it on the stores and web. Nothing gives us more satisfaction then watching our products doing well and our clients happy. For the second phase we used web plugins and GPS to track nearby drivers with accurate locations and obviously display them in Google Maps as we consider them the best map app. By these measures we are currently all set to launch these features in the future update and keep working with LaundrEZ to bring more features as they progress.

What Client Says Client Feedback

"It was a pleasure working with such a dedicated team. LaundrEZ is working amazingly well, We are surely looking to work with them again and again. The app is great and so does the people at TapFreaks. Thumbs UP!!”

Project Gallery LaundrEZ

Conclusion Result at the end

It was a great experience working with LaundrEZ and we are happy to bring convenience to the people using it. We at TapFreaks always strive for apps that are meant to solve some kind of problem for the users and LaundrEZ gave us exactly what we needed. We deployed the app and had great response from the users and our client as well. We are still bonded with LaundrEZ to make the app more useful and healthy. Apart from all that, we are looking forward and are proud that LaundrEZ entrusted us with their marketing campaign as well which includes web-banners and animated clips to fully showcase the idea behind this amazing app. We are planing to hit over half a million people by next year. TapFreaks always wants to build a strong relationship between us and our clientele and LaundrEZ is a perfect example of that.