KABIN APP Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: KABIN APP Inc.

Project Name: KABIN APP

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, Database Server(Mysql)

Core Objectivies

Kabin, also known as the video vault of social media, is an exciting way to explore and exchange memorable moments through video.

KABIN APP Background Before Start KABIN App

At Fist Meeting

When People from Kabin inc. approached us they were already in a devastating situation. They were working on the project for about an year now and when it all was about to take shape the team that were given the project left them in a deserted situation and that too with no backhand development code. Crew Kabin was lost and was trying to find a ray of hope. They placed their bet on TapFreaks and we didn’t let them down. Both the parties sat for a meeting and we were really surprised by the work which was nothing but loosely written lines of code and that too with no server side scripts. The KABINers were worried about an already late launch and the loss they had been through. We re-sketched the whole idea as the thing was big and time was short. It seemed all impossible in the beginning but we had only on thing to offer them “Quality on time”.


The Kabin was a enormous app with a large amount of data flow and with no backhand we would have been standing nowhere. The code provided only had chunks of useful data and we decided to reshape the whole scenario from the start. The video library was to be managed and smooth video play meant we had to go for custom video player for the app rather than just using the IOS’s own. The Server side and the app had to be built in parallel due to time trouble. Ensuring timely completion of the project without giving away the quality of work was at the heart of our objectives. Keeping a huge amount of video data flowing effortlessly and not letting the app grow in size was the task of our development team. The key features were to make a video editor tweak user’s videos before letting them post and allowing major social media to have stories shared via Kabin. All this had to be done keeping in mind that all the users view videos exactly the same way and with good response time. Providing users to preview videos based on categories and letting them comment and share each other’s video stories. It’s a social media of videos.


We took Kabin from the very bottom and started making a cool yet simple UI for the app. Our designers and UX developers sat for a couple of meetings to come up with the wooden theme for Kabin that gives it the real vault look and feel. After closely going through use-case and Ux improvements we went forward to our next step: the development. We fully capitalized on the power of Swift, the native language for IOS, to develop the exact UX environment decided with the functionality that we promised our client. The biggest challenge we had to tackle was the smooth play-back of the videos and that is what concerned our client the most. We took this matter seriously and decide to go with Amazon’s EC2 to have Cloud Computing web services to insure smooth video playback but during the tests we found out that the playback was not as good as we expected with multiple users. We had to look around for an option that ensured the same video playback no matter how many users are watching it. This problem led us to Amazon’s CloudFront-CDN, which allowed us to narrow the distance between the server and the service, making faster playback possible. Some of the most complicated and complex algorithms were written to get our videos steaming without the limitations of viewers. The result was timely and a successful app on the apple store that made us proud.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“It (the app) was in a mess when I first contacted them. The trust TapFreaks entrusted me with is great. I simply can not think about moving to some other developer. I would recommend it to anyone wanna have a great app for their business ”

Project Gallery KABIN APP

Conclusion Result at the end

Kabin was really a great experience for TapFreaks and we are proud of how good we have done. We are especially overjoyed to see our customer is happy with the app. Today Kabin is growing and expanding with each passing moment, as tons of videos are uploaded daily and being shared on different social networks. Kabin is a ever-growing community with a dedicated web sharing team that keeps videos updated and keeps the entertainment alive. We are still working with Kabin inc. to improve and roll out new features, keeping the users in mind. We are really thankful to the CEO of Kabin for trusting us. We feel privileged to work on an idea that has brought change in the way that videos are shared.