Isupply  App

Isupply Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Isupply Inc.

Project Name: Isupply

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, X-Code, Database Server

Core Objectivies

Solution allow distribution networks to track their inventories, sales and drivers with their current locations on map. "Low Stock, Available Stock, Daily / Weekly and Monthly Sales, Drivers location on Map.

Isupply Background Before Start Isupply App

At Fist Meeting

When the vendors of Isupply approached TapFreaks with this unique idea of creating an enterprise solution for the distributors to keep record of their inventory, follow orders and even track their orders via maps we knew this had the spark to go a long way. We discussed ROI and other matters carefully to allow the Isupply team to understand what they needed and what we could do for them. With some extra little features and minor changes the sketch was ready. The Isupply team gave us the green light to continue our work and go into the development process. The two basic modules were decided: one for the web and an app to go with it. The timeline was drawn and agreed upon. The idea was to maintain the quality standards and complete the tests so that the distributors would not face issues with the app.


ISupply was a big opportunity for TapFreaks to fully showcase our skills and come up with an app that would really make an impact. As a quality conscious company we had to keep the quality in constant check and keep our clients updated at all times. The web portal needed to be full of features and be-able to handle multiple inventories. The communication with the server needed to be quick and secure. The client wanted the suppliers to be able to print using small air-printer to provide a complete business solution. The APIs and the pre-made codes for the printer were not giving us the proper results and that bothered us. The client already had bought printers for the business and the app didn’t seem to work with it. The inventory’s database was a complicated task with many complex relationships and ERDs were created to design the perfect Database model for a system that promised to manage supply-chain like never before. Quality and time were the biggest challenge for the team.


The project began with the blueprint of the web solution and the developers were on their way to write lines of code to bring the design to life. Latest frameworks were used to ensure a faster and a more standardised code of lines that would work well and give complete power to the web to communicate to the server without any hassle. Amazon web services were used to bring the web closer to the server and to communicate with any device in the same manner regardless of data quality. The google maps were used to make tracking more effective and give extra functionality to the supplier to exactly know where the package is at any time without worry. MySQL was chosen to be the back hand of the system and PHP was used to retrieve and update data to the system. The ERDs were brought to life and the complete database system was created within a few days by our development team. With this we were ahead of our deadline so we decided to create extra time for app testing to ensure the system met our quality criteria. Swift and objective-c was used to create the app for the IOS environment. This native approach meant that the app would look great on any of the devices used and with the same great functionality. The printer’s API was not allowing us a proper printing facility and our developers worked for days to come up with a proper solution. Finally our team took the matter in their own hands and changed the core libraries for the printer’s API and finally our team was successful and the print was perfect. The app was tested in a lifelike scenario and data and app functionality were tested and re-tested before the system was finally deployed.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“The way they (TapFreaks) handle the projects is the reason behind their success story. The way they kept us engaged and worked with transparency is what made us believe in them. There are number of reasons behind the success of ISupply and TapFreaks are surely one of them.”

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Conclusion Result at the end

ISupply was our first step towards IoT and enterprise apps. We are proud that we were able to fulfil the expectations of our client. Isupply is now up and running in many supply based companies abroad and getting positive reviews from the customers and the companies. ISupply tested us on many ground breaking challenges that allowed us to become stronger and open up in a new area where we have proven ourselves. We are really happy to work on a project like this and complete it in the TapFreaks way. Now the bond between us and the Isupply team is great and we are constantly improving the app as the service is getting bigger and tech is advancing.