Ijaihoon App

Ijaihoon Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Ijaihoon Inc.

Project Name: Ijaihoon

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, X-Code, Database Server

Core Objectivies

iJaihoon : app for the i within iJaihoon, world’s first app of an Indian Poet, contains the literary works of the mystic writer Jaihoon. It also has details about his published books and literary events. Media reports about the author too are available in this literary app. Jaihoon is a promising young poet whose creative vigour finds expression not only on paper but online as well. His poetry makes compelling reading with an admirable style that freely strikes a chord with everyone who is in tryst with their own souls. iJaihoon offers a bouquet of Jaihoon’s life-enhancing poems bursting with an abiding love for the divine and a consuming passion for the spiritual.

Ijaihoon Background Before Start Ijaihoon App

At Fist Meeting

The Mystic poet from India, Mujeeb Jaihoon, wanted an app that could help him connect with his readers in the modern way and allow them to closely follow Jaihoon. All of his writings, events, shows and other programs needed to be on the app too. Seeing our portfolio he approached us and clearly defined what he was looking for. The idea was simple: to create an app that totally reflects Jaihoon's charisma and poetic charm. Jaihoon only wanted an app for the iPhone and we planned to give him exactly that.


iJaihoon was an idea rather than app. TapFreaks totally understood the idea and was ready to create an app for Mr. Jaihoon with all the features needed. The issues we faced during the project were speed breakers rather than barriers. The app needed to be designed from scratch and database servers needed to be setup for use and work. The app needed to have all the work of jaihoon but could not take a lot of space. Mr. Jaihoon had previously approached another company but they had let him down. With a loss of money and precious time Mr.Jaihoon required quick development to make sure the app would release on time. The UI had to look great and reflect the look of an app a writer would love. The app looked simple but had a lot of work to go with it.


TapFreaks took their time to carefully analyze and view Jaihoon’s work and website to get an idea of how the app would take shape. We sketched the layout with six basic storyboards: poetry, wanderer, books, prose, orator & news. The color and feel was taken from the web because we wanted the app to go hand in hand with the website. All of Jaihoon’s work was carefully inserted into the database. The UX and animations were carefully examined so as to not make the app heavy and to give it a nice feel. We were worried about the users’ reading experience and so we added extra options and colors to make sure the app wouldn’t cause irritation while using it for longer periods. Server connection was established to allow news and other sections to be updated without updating the app. This allowed us to not put much of the work in the app itself allowing a smaller and smoother app. However tiring, the effort was carried out buy our backhand team. The final look was great and Mr.Jaihoon was very happy with the timely completion. The app was made live in 2015 and is being used by the fans and followers of Mr.Jaihoon and is widely acclaimed too.

What Client Says Client Feedback

"The app reflects my writing style and it is very simple yet beautiful. The app have really helped me bring my readers and followers one step closer to me. TapFreaks have created a masterpiece of work to compliment my style.”

Project Gallery Ijaihoon

Conclusion Result at the end

iJaihoon is an app of its kind developed by TapFreaks. It was one of the quickest apps we have developed. We were happy with the team work that made it possible within short span of time. The app is still on the app store and is getting more and more downloads every passing day. We wish Mr.Jaihoon all the success he deserves and are delighted that our app is helping him with his hard work. With the client-centered approach we are happy that it was another good project done and dusted.