BIXOLON Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: BIXOLON Inc.

Project Name: BIXOLON

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, X-Code, Database Server

Core Objectivies

App allows create invoice and print though BIXOLON mobile printer, best utility for suppliers.

BIXOLON Background Before Start BIXOLON App

At Fist Meeting

The leading Mobile-Printing firm from Korea approached TapFreaks to provide the ultimate solution for their BIXOLON mobile pinter to have an app that could create invoice right from the fingertips. BIXOLON was facing challenges before coming to us and their new device seemed to not accept the idea. A smart invoice system for smart suppliers to keep their records and provide printed slips to their customers for record keeping. This was going to change the way moving business operates and find difficult to maintain and print paper receipts in real time. The whole idea of mobile printing and IoT drove us to accept this idea immediately and to start woking on the project. The Standard IOS app was the need of our client and we sketched the simple use-case for them keeping in mind the importance of time for any supplier or distributor.


The first challenge was to originate a simple design for the app that looked good, worked great and was lightning fast. We kept the design simple with the theme of BIXOLON in mind so that the app and printer looked as if they were made for each-other. BIXOLON was already facing issues and we didn’t want to add to their problems so we had to develop good and develop quick because the printer launch was already delayed and BIXOLON was having a huge lose. The technology for communication between the app and printer needed to be strong and with less signal drops to ensure printing easy and quick in all conditions. We had to keep in mind the standards of BIXOLON and our very own quality standards to complete the tasks in hand.


The app went into development and we decided to make few changes of firmware of the printer too so that our app could easily communicate and work with the printer. The invoice was designed so that the print would look professional and with all the required fields. The utility app was made fully compatible with the printers of BIXOLON using APIs. The technology for communication needed to be seamless and with Bluetooth v4 we got the solution. The BIXOLON printers were both Bluetooth and Wifi supported, which helped us provide the perfect solution by using both the API. However we preferred Bluetooth because it was less likely to cause trouble and ensured large data flow for a quick print. The tests were conducted with different invoice types and different level of print. Catching the bugs and re-coding the codes we made sure everything was in flow. We also trimmed down a few LOC that were not of great use to make the app even lighter. The results were great and so was the happiness of our client.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“We didn’t want another app for our BIXOLON we wanted the hardware to actually communicate with the device and provide results. We were looking for a strong portfolio and TapFreaks had just that. The quality and look of the app is outstanding, it feels like as if the app and BIXOLON was made for each other.”

Project Gallery BIXOLON

Conclusion Result at the end

BIXOLON is one of the leading Mobile-Printing companies around the globe and we feel privileged to help them out and build a strong professional relationship based on trust and satisfaction. BIXOLON is growing bigger and bigger and the app is getting smarter with each coming product. We loved seeing the bond between the app and the printers which put a smile on our faces. TapFreaks again worked on the policy of making apps that are meant to make people’s life easier and smarter. BIXOLON is a notable part of it.