Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز)App

Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز) Overview Objectives & Technology Used

Basic Detail

Client: Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز) Inc.

Project Name: Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز)

Category: Mobile Appication

Plateforms: iOS, Android

Programming Tec: Swift, Ojective C, X-Code, Database Server

Core Objectivies

التطبيق الأول المتطور في الكويت والخليج على مستوى الخدمات الأخبارية من حيث عدد المشتركين المتزايده وسرعة نقل الأخبار الخاصه لقبيلة ” بني هاجر ” من أفراح ومناسبات ووفيات وأنتخابات وغيرها مدعومة في الصور الخاصه للخبر . الهاجري نيوز هو تطبيق يسمح لك بتواصل مع أفراد قبيلتك على نطاق واسع ومتطور والأخبار الأوليه الشاملة وأرسالها لكم عبر هذا البرنامج .

Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز) Background Before Start Alhajri News (الهاجري نيوز) App

At Fist Meeting

Al Hajri News is an app of the Al-Akhbariya group and TapFreaks have been their App partner since they decided to make apps of their services. Al HAjri news is a full news app that allows tribe members of Al Hajri to connect and receive news from the tribe. Al Hajri news was the app that had pictures, videos and news articles right in the hand of the user. Al-Akhbariya group was happy with the apps in our portfolio and that made them choose TapFreaks for quality app for their services. The time span was short as they wanted the app to go live on both store (IOS & Android) by the end of March 2014. TapFreaks discussed the idea of app with the client and was ready to build after couple of meetings.


TapFreaks had to design the database to allow multiple types of data to easily be added and updated for the news app to work. Al Hajri was an app that needed the look of a news app and the functionality that made it easy for every user to adopt it without difficulty. The app also needed to be light, as we could not let the app get bulky. TapFreaks were working on the app to be the best of its kind to ensure maximum usage and hence improvement in the business through the app. It also needed to be in both Arabic & English to make it easy for the locals and members of the tribe to understand and learn.


We decided to take time to design the app in the best possible look and feel. Carefully designed and developed UI took over a week but the final result really pleased our prestigious client and we were happy with that too. The coding phase started with our team working together to make sure the apps had no problem. The algorithms were ready and we started adding them to get the shape of the app ready. The developers trimmed down some code and added some extra features to the app. Algorithms and data fetching techniques were modified to make the app more fast and light. Dynamic design allowed easy navigation and back end was made more powerful to allow the app to load news quicker and easier. The native approach made us develop two apps at the same time but that didn’t compromise on the quality and built of the app. TapFreaks, having the reputation of developing apps that help business grow, had to make sure this app also ensured full capabilities for the client. The app was developed within a short time of two and a half months. It is live on both the stores with great number of downloads. The dual language app is helping users get info on a daily basis.

What Client Says Client Feedback

“Al Hajri wouldn’t have been successful without an app this good. We are glad that we chose TapFreaks and we would ask everyone to check their portfolio and then decide for themselves.”

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Conclusion Result at the end

Al Akhbariya and TapFreaks are getting closer and the number of apps that we have developed for them is growing. The satisfaction of having a pleased and happy client with such good trust is what drives TapFreaks. Al Akhbariya and TapFreaks are looking forward to strengthen their bond with more apps and more projects. The apps are doing great and TapFreaks is happy about that.